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Letter Art-C


So I lied when I said Kayla was next. Ciersha was. Truth is I haven’t even started Kayla’s yet! *ignores the fact Christmas is Tuesday* Anyway, when I asked the little 5 year old to pick a color, any color in the world she thinks about it for a few minutes and then comes back to me. Her answer? Dark Orange. No idea where she came up with it but okay. I still wasn’t sure that she’d like it so when it was time to go get the paint I dragged her with me stood her in front of the paint and said pick one. It wasn’t dark but she did pick orange. I’m glad she went because I would have grabbed darker. lol

Items Needed:

1. Old magazines to cut out colorful pictures

2. Canvas (I use a 5″ x 7″)

3. Glue

4. Paint (I used craft smart acrylic paint-Orange) & paint brush

5. Letter stencil or really good hand writting lol

6. Card board/paper to trace/write the letter on and cut it out

7. Scissors

8. Scotch Tape

9. Whatever you wish to add to it or you can leave it blank. 🙂

First thing first, cut and glue pictures onto a canvas. She also helped me pick out what pictures to cut. Although I think she was Christmas shopping because she kept pointing out toys.

Next step trace the letter. I saved my sisters Keurig box from going to the dumpster so it lent me part of its flap to trace and cut out the C. But regular or stock paper should work if you don’t have any card board handy.

Figure out where you want it to go and tape it down.

(Sorry its sideways, forgot to turn it before uploading the picture)

Then the fun part, paint!

*You may need to add more then one layer of paint*

Remove your letter after the paint dries and it should look something like this..

I then took a flower and some leaves and added them. Finished!

**Again, this idea spawned from something I saw on Pintrest that lead me to  A Mod Podge Silhouette Canvas!


Dec. 10th-Be happy!


**I did this on the 10th but I lost the cord to my camera so I wasn’t able to upload the pics. until now but everything was typed out so I’m leaving it**

I feel horrible. My head is pounding, I have a runny nose and I just feel yucky so being stuck in my room, I think its the best time to start my Insperational Scrapbook! With very limited art stuff avalible to me and no drive to get up and get more (although I really want to) this is what I have to work with:

Along with some colored pencial, crayons, markers and other kids things that I can nick from my nieces. *evil grin* Oh and my Bestie gave me a scrapbook! (Her boyfriend gave it to her though so Shh! He has no clue I have it. Question is how long is it going to take him to notice? LOL)

I start with painting the paper that yellow color my neice Leighan picked out

I could have touched it up but I kinda like it with the bits of white peeking through.

Then using my stencles I traced the letters out onto a piece of paper.

I was going to trace it onto another paper after I cut that ^ out but then I relized what a waste of time that was, colored what I had, added another P and cut them out. After I glued them on, I added some glitter and flowers and here it is..


I really want to add a bee to it.

UPDATE: I got a bee stamp but the only ink I had ws green. I used it but wish I hadn’t. Maybe oneday I’ll find a sticker to cover it. Anyway here is the finished product..


Insperational Scrapbook


I am a person who suffers from mood swings (don’t we all) and depression. I came up with the idea of when I feel one of these moods starting to sit down with my crafts and make a page for an insperational book. I’ll mostly be winging it but there are a few rules.

Rule 1.BRIGHT and CHEERFUL and everything I’m not feeling at the moment

Rule 2. Must have at least 1 happy/insperational quote somewhere on it

Rule 3. Have fun! No one else is going to see this unless I care to share.
(All you people on the computer don’t count..your not real! lol)

Rule 4: Can and will add more rules as needed.

With that being said being sick (and all but locked in my room) seems like the perfect time to start don’t you think? I’m working on the first page now. Typing this as the paint drys. See you soon!


Letter Art-L


Messing around on Pintrest yesterday I saw this awesome thing I just had to try. What is it? A Mod Podge Silhouette Canvas! Only, I tweaked it a bit meaning I didn’t have stain or sandpaper. So dragging my niece to local craft store I had her pick out paint and she also picked out the bird. That night after she went to bed I hacked one of the fingerhut catalogs we had laying around and following the first 4 steps I ended up with this..

Not as neat as I wanted but not as bad as I thought I’d do. Next time I think I’ll try leaving the stencil down and just painting over it..

From there I grabbed her bird and some flowers I thought would be cute.

First I pasted down the bird..

The twig the bird is on wouldn’t stay down at the bottom but I think it looks cool with it out so I left it alone.

Then added the flowers and volla! Done!

I touched up the paint a bit but over all I’m happy with it and I hope she will be too. Guess I will find out on Christmas. 🙂 Next time I’ll be doing one for her sister Kayla.