Letter Art-L


Messing around on Pintrest yesterday I saw this awesome thing I just had to try. What is it? A Mod Podge Silhouette Canvas! Only, I tweaked it a bit meaning I didn’t have stain or sandpaper. So dragging my niece to local craft store I had her pick out paint and she also picked out the bird. That night after she went to bed I hacked one of the fingerhut catalogs we had laying around and following the first 4 steps I ended up with this..

Not as neat as I wanted but not as bad as I thought I’d do. Next time I think I’ll try leaving the stencil down and just painting over it..

From there I grabbed her bird and some flowers I thought would be cute.

First I pasted down the bird..

The twig the bird is on wouldn’t stay down at the bottom but I think it looks cool with it out so I left it alone.

Then added the flowers and volla! Done!

I touched up the paint a bit but over all I’m happy with it and I hope she will be too. Guess I will find out on Christmas. 🙂 Next time I’ll be doing one for her sister Kayla.


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