Insperational Scrapbook


I am a person who suffers from mood swings (don’t we all) and depression. I came up with the idea of when I feel one of these moods starting to sit down with my crafts and make a page for an insperational book. I’ll mostly be winging it but there are a few rules.

Rule 1.BRIGHT and CHEERFUL and everything I’m not feeling at the moment

Rule 2. Must have at least 1 happy/insperational quote somewhere on it

Rule 3. Have fun! No one else is going to see this unless I care to share.
(All you people on the computer don’t count..your not real! lol)

Rule 4: Can and will add more rules as needed.

With that being said being sick (and all but locked in my room) seems like the perfect time to start don’t you think? I’m working on the first page now. Typing this as the paint drys. See you soon!



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