Dec. 10th-Be happy!


**I did this on the 10th but I lost the cord to my camera so I wasn’t able to upload the pics. until now but everything was typed out so I’m leaving it**

I feel horrible. My head is pounding, I have a runny nose and I just feel yucky so being stuck in my room, I think its the best time to start my Insperational Scrapbook! With very limited art stuff avalible to me and no drive to get up and get more (although I really want to) this is what I have to work with:

Along with some colored pencial, crayons, markers and other kids things that I can nick from my nieces. *evil grin* Oh and my Bestie gave me a scrapbook! (Her boyfriend gave it to her though so Shh! He has no clue I have it. Question is how long is it going to take him to notice? LOL)

I start with painting the paper that yellow color my neice Leighan picked out

I could have touched it up but I kinda like it with the bits of white peeking through.

Then using my stencles I traced the letters out onto a piece of paper.

I was going to trace it onto another paper after I cut that ^ out but then I relized what a waste of time that was, colored what I had, added another P and cut them out. After I glued them on, I added some glitter and flowers and here it is..


I really want to add a bee to it.

UPDATE: I got a bee stamp but the only ink I had ws green. I used it but wish I hadn’t. Maybe oneday I’ll find a sticker to cover it. Anyway here is the finished product..



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